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Saturday, October 13, 2012

A busy year

Well, it has certainly been a busy year for us. The kids have grown dramatically.All of them seem more independent (sigh). Little man is two years and 5 months, but believes himself to be much older. There is no more baby chatter, but still tons of laughs. The eldest is finishing off at primary school and moves on to high school next year! Haneem is, as usual, Haneem. If anything she has become more strong willed in the last year.

All our free time this year has gone primarily into .................... wait for it.................... camping!  As soon as the holidays hit, the kids ask 'Where are we going camping?'Ít seems that the entire extended family has been hit by the camping bug so we pack our caravans and off we go. I'll admit- it's great fun. The enjoyment of falling asleep with the sound and smell of the ocean or the sound of the wind caressing the trees is absolute heaven to me. Hubby is at peace when he is outdoors around a campfire. The kids get to enjoy their cousins that they see only a couple of times a year and who wouldn't? Normal rules don't apply at camp- there is no set sleep time- fun to be had :)

We've been criss crossing the Western Cape in search of campsites. Now the end of the year is in sight and campsite bookings have been finalised.